Pipe and Adjustable Spanner

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The manufacturing process of Spanner is long and laborious process that demands intense planning, concertation and care from everyone involved in the process.  The steps are - 

1. Forging – Forging is the first step in the manufacturing process of the spanner hand tool. In this, the raw metal is collected and melted in massive sized industrial furnaces. 

2. Moulding – The melted metal is taken out from the furnace. Then, molten metal is pressed between 3 moulds that apply pressure on it to shape it in right form. 

3. Trim line – Trim line is the line on body of spanner wherein two parts of die meet. Hydraulics is used to create trim line on body of spanner tool. 

4. Bending – Heavy machine is used to bend the ends of spanner tool to bend and shape it precisely and safely. Doing this ensures task is done accurately and safely. 

5. Punching – Hole is created in the centre of the spanner tool using a milling machine. It is done to facilitate the manufacturing process at later stages of the process. 

6. Annealing – Prepared body of spanner tool is then subjected to intense heat extremely high temperatures. This is done to provide strength to the spanner tool in its final form. 

7. Preparing – The prepared spanner tool is then left in a big vibrating tub filled with ceramic stones and chemicals. This is done for polishing purposes of the spanner tool. 

8. Electroplating – Further, the spanner tool is electroplated for extra layer of protection against external threatening factors. It is done by dipping it in solution of nickel and chromium electrons. 

9. Oxidation – Thin layer of oxide is applied on the surfaced of the spanner tool. This is done to provide an extra layer of supreme protection to the spanner tool.

10. Dipping – Next, the spanner tool is dipped in a liquid called rust inhibitor solution. This is done to provide the spanner tool with yet another protective layer against corrosion. 

11. Assembly – If there are multiple components in the spanner tool, they are all assembled in this step. They are assembled by hand by humans with extreme care and alertness.

12. Polishing – Finally, the prepared spanner tool is polished using standard industrial solutions. It is also checked for any physical deformity or damage in this step of the manufacturing process. 

13. Inspection – A final inspection is performed on spanner tool in this stage of the manufacturing process. This is done to check for any deformity or flaw in spanner tool. 

14. Packaging – Finally, when all steps of manufacturing process have been performed and tool has been deemed okay, it is packed in company boxes to be sent off to sellers. 

15. Distribution – Concludingly, the spanner tool is packed in company-manufactured boxes carefully and sent off for distribution to sellers to be purchased by customers using distribution services of the company.

Spanner tool is an important hand tool that is an integral part of the mechanical hand tool kits all around the world. It is used for various important tasks like repairing pipes, moving bolts in either direction and so on. It is a sturdy and handy hand tool.

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Pipe and Adjustable Spanner


Generally Confirming to IS-4123-1982


                                                                             Size (mm)
210 (2")
210 (3")
210 (4")
210 (6")
210 (8")
210 (12")


Pipe and Adjustable Spanner


Generally Confirming to IS-4003 (Part-||)-1986,

Made From Alloy Steel.


Sizes Max. Gripping Capacity (mm)
200 MM 8'' -
250 MM 10'' -
300 MM 12'' -
350 MM 14'' 63
450 MM 18'' 75
600 MM 24'' 90
900 MM 36'' 140
1200 MM 48'' 165

Pipe and Adjustable Spanner



                                                                     Sizes (inches)
250 MM 10''
300 MM 12''
350 MM 14''
450 MM 18''
600 MM 24''
900 MM 36''
1200 MM 48''

Pipe and Adjustable Spanner


Selected Carbon Steel,

Handles Red Japanned,

Generally Confirming to IS-4003 (Part-|) -1978


Size Capacity
200 MM 8'' 27
250 MM 10'' 35
300 MM 12'' 44
350 MM 14'' 48
450 MM 18'' 60
600 MM 24'' 76
900 MM 36'' 100
1200 MM 48" 145

Pipe and Adjustable Spanner


Standard Pattern Selected Steel,

Generally Confirming to IS-6149-1984


Size Capacity
Prices Std. Pkg
Master Carton
B E-Coating C
150 MM 6'' 19 210 - 230 100
200 MM 8'' 26 - 244 280 60
250 MM 10'' 30 - 327 350 36
300 MM 12'' 35 - 435 490 24
375 MM 15'' 43 1183 - 1208 15
450 MM 18'' 55 2727 - 2980 10
600 MM 24'' 62 4903 - 5125 6